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I feel a little guilty about the enjoyment I get watching war mongers wrench themselves into all sorts of ridiculous and amusing contortions to try to salvage the fairy tale. But fuck it - guilt is for the weak. Laugh along with me; here's Captain Ed:
That flypaper strategy that has almost disappeared from debate over the past two years apparently worked as planned. We drew AQ into the open in Iraq, because they understand (better than some American politicians) that establishing a democracy in the crossroads of Southwest Asia represented an existential threat to Islamofascism...

So why fight in Iraq, rather than Afghanistan? They tried a stand-up fight in Afghanistan and lost -- badly.

...When AQ attacked Americans, some Iraqis might have supported them. However, as more AQ assets died in that effort, the terrorists turned their attention to Iraqi recruits for security forces and lost any sympathy they may have had.

Now they mostly kill Iraqis while having almost no support even among the Sunni (who favor the native "insurgents" but spurn "foreigners" of any stripe) and don't even pretend to be liberating Iraq any more ... AQ flocks to Iraq to fight us there, because that front matters most now. And if we don't fight them there, AQ would be freed up to attack us anywhere else around the globe -- including here at home.
The sentence is bolded above because it underscores the flamboyantly self-contradictory character of the pro-war argument (such as it is).

Others have pointed it out before, but it's worth mentioning again: You can't simultaneously claim (a) this war is being fought for the benefit of the Iraqi people and (b) the purpose of the war was to lure a bunch of terrorists there so they could kill Iraqis.


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