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Then and now

WorldNetDaily is probably not even a half-step up from, and Joseph Farah is pretty low on the wingnut totem poll. But still, I found this column of his, from 1999, amusing and telling (emphasis added):
Bill Clinton says there was no justification for the Serbs to "abduct" three U.S. servicemen wearing United Nations colors in Macedonia.

This statement, so Clintonesque in its phony authoritativeness, isn't even flying in the United States, let alone Belgrade. What are the Serbs supposed to do -- sit there while U.S. bombs fall on their cities and vital infrastructure and not fight back? Is that what Bill Clinton honestly expected?

Never has this sociopathic president been so obviously out of touch with reality than in this dirty little Serbian war of his.

...Slobodan Milosevic is the bad guy in this war. But a couple years ago, Bill Clinton, NATO and the U.N. were propping up the unpopular Milosevic as a force for peace in the region. Now he is a "war criminal." Isn't this a perfect illustration of why the U.S. has no business interfering in the complex religious and cultural wars that have been plaguing the Balkans for the last 600 years?

...For the first time in the history of the world, a non-governmental organization -- or NGO, as the United Nations is fond of calling them -- has attacked a sovereign nation, not to stop a war between two countries, but to enforce its will in a country's internal struggles.

...Many of the same Americans who opposed the Vietnam war so passionately 30 years ago because it was a "civil war" are just as passionately defending Bill Clinton's actions in Serbia. Clinton himself was a draft dodger during the Vietnam conflict. Now he is a hawk -- raining death on Serbs like some madcap character from "Apocalypse Now."

This wag-the-dog-and-pony show of Clinton's is a disgrace. This war is immoral. It is illegal. There are no vital U.S. interests at stake in the region. There is no battle plan. There is no exit strategy. There is only death and destruction in this war -- no higher calling, no noble purpose, no lofty goal...

Pull the troops out of the Balkans. Stop the bombing today. Relieve the draft-dodging commander-in-chief from further responsibilities.

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