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War on the academy

It's more real than the War on Christmas. Unlike Christmas, universities rely on state funding.

But Republicans are making it known that this funding comes with a price. Tennessee senator Lamar Alexander:
NASHVILLE -- Funding for colleges is threatened by a "growing political one-sidedness" on many campuses which doesn't allow for more conservative ideas, U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander told higher education officials here Friday.

"How many conservative speakers are invited to deliver commencement addresses? How many colleges require courses in U.S. history? How many even teach Western Civilization? ... Those are politically unacceptable topics," the Tennessee Republican testified before the Commission on the Future of Higher Education.
As you might imagine, conservatives deliver commencement addresses all the time. And academics in English, Philosophy, Classics, or Art History departments, among others, would be very surprised to hear that 'Western Civilization' is an unacceptable topic, considering that they are paid to teach and research it.

Seriously, GOPers: why is everyone in your party so goddamned stupid?

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