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Confessions of a former Republican

Matthew Ortega begins the new year by leaving the Republican Party behind:
Yes, I was once a member of the Republican Party, reflecting the conservative upbringing I had. I bought into what I was told and never second guessed it. I like to believe I think for myself, or whoever is best at feeding my propaganda, which ever comes first. I had always perceived myself as a moderate, yes the m-word, but lately people call me a liberal. If calling out politicians and talking heads by asking questions is considered inherently liberal, then so be it. I guess you'd have to figure that means being Bush Co.'s butt boy and give them the green light to run amok makes you a conservative. The truth of the matter is, I bought into the bullshit talking points of personal responsibility and balanced fiscal management without really looking into it myself. I fault myself because I should have known better. Within the last year and a half or so, I faced reality and this year has really shown me - I want nothing to do with these GOoPers. I have found, through trial and tribulation with help from the blogosphere's de-bullshitter, that I am not one of them. Instead, I want to rectify the ills brought to this country by "compassionate conservatism," just a nice way of saying nicely screwing you out of your money, your civil rights and your liberties.
Read the whole thing, as they say.

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