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Don't stay the course

Good piece on the 'Fighting Dems' strategy here. An excerpt:
If we continue to nominate, back and fund pro-war, anti-choice or ambiguous candidates in our lemming-like march to the right, then we will lose. We will LOSE again in 2006. And we will lose the very rationale for being the Democratic Party.

The majority of people in America are pro-choice and anti-war. So guys, let's let the Republicans be the Republicans, and not give them any more ground. Pick a side and have the strength to stand with your convictions instead of this flip flopping trying to be Republican light...

People want progressives. It's how you move forward as a society. It's how you build a solid, long lasting Democratic Majority in states burned by Republicans.

This is one of the many races across the country playing out this way, CHANGE THE COURSE NOW! We can't take our nation back until we first take back our own party.

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