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Howard Stern on decency

On Monday, Howard Stern began his new program on Sirius satellite radio. Part of the show was devoted to an on-air press conference given by Stern, where he answered questions from the media for about an hour or so. One of the reporters asked him:
Can you define for us what you believe 'indecent' would be?
Stern's response:
... I think there are a lot of things in this country that are indecent. I think the war going on in Iraq right now is not fair to the guys serving over there. I think that they haven't been equipped properly. When I read about vests that don't work, that these guys drive around in tanks that aren't properly suited up, that we might have gotten in there on a lie ... I find that indecent.

I find it indecent when the hypocrites in this country, particularly the religious right, say they don't want abortions, they don't want a woman to have the right to choose, but then at the same point, when a child is born into poverty and has no way out, they're against affirmative action. How can you be for all these births, and then when someone needs a handout like George Bush got from his father, we say no? That's indecent to me.

When the Church covers up that a priest is molesting boys, and they just move him to another parish, that's indecent. That's indecent to me.

When the religious right acts like the Taliban, and doesn't tolerate other people's opinions, other people's sexuality ... gay people in this country have every right to live here, have every right to be open about their sexuality ... the more you suppress gay people, the more miserable you make them, the worse our society gets.

Q: Right, but when it comes to bodily functions and language, you don't think anything's indecent?

Compared to what I just mentioned, no. Because we all go to the bathroom ... Big deal. When you talk about Senator Stevens from Alaska building a bridge to nowhere with taxpayer money while our boys in Iraq aren't protected, that's indecent. How can you get upset about urinating jokes?

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