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I am so ... pissed ... off ... right ... now ...

See Jedmunds for the latest push in liberal quarters for the Democrats to give up on fighting the Alito nomination, and in effect to give up on just about anything until they regain a majority.  (If this never happens, I suppose Democrats should just give up, period.)

Look, the Democrats are a minority party right now, and will be for at least three more years (barring some dramatic turn of events).  They need to try to figure out how to be as effective as a minority party possibly can, not just say 'Oh well,' and "move on to other issues, and try to win the next two elections."

But I think I know which road the party is going to take.  I hope I'm proven wrong, but yet another Democratic surrender seems inevitable.  This pathetic excuse for an opposition party is the only thing standing between the lunacy of the GOP and the rest of the world.  This is not reason for optimism.

I'm feeling like giving up myself.  The number of people who don't have their heads up their asses is just too small.

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