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Insight in strange places

Bizarrely, John Cole Balloon Juice blogger Tim F tells the truth about the 'situation' with Iran, without even seeming to realize the importance of what he says:
Iran has every incentive to develop a deterrent force of nuclear weapons. Living at the dangerous intersection of despotism, oil wealth, anti-American and anti-Israel Islamic fundamentalism and WMD proliferation, the Bush Doctrine basically guarantees that America will eventually attack Iran unless the Iranians give us a very good reason not to. Iraq showed that negotiating and inspections are no guarantor when you’ve got a president hot for invasion and Europe’s opposition means basically nothing. That leaves a functioning nuclear arsenal as the only reliable dissuasive factor. In other words, in theory and particularly in practice the Bush Doctrine makes it absolutely imperative for targeted states to arm themselves as rapidly as possible.
Exactly. If you want to encourage Iran not to nuke up, STOP THREATENING THEM.

If, however, you want to ensure that Iran does what it can to develop nuclear weapons, keep doing what the administration is doing.

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