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Jedmunds v. Yglesias

Advantage: Jedmunds.
Every day, I’m slowly becoming more sickened by the Democratic Party I’ve seen recently. I think of Chuck Schumer, and Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden, and I won’t even bother mentioning Lieberman, and I just want to say fuck it. Maybe I’ll vote 3rd party. These cowering lapdogs with an opportunistic bark do not deserve to be a majority party. They are useless. And the idea that they won’t bother to put up a fight on Alito merely to prevent squandering the gains that come from the scandal and missteps of the reptiles on the right makes me question all the more what I could ever hope to get by voting for a Democrat besides more fingers-crossed genuflection.
If Alito goes through without a fight - including a filibuster - it might just be time to write the Democrats off for good.

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