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Kill the Democratic Party?

If Alito is confirmed without even an attempt at a filibuster, it seems like it might just be the last straw for a lot of people.

And I think the reluctance of Democrats to filibuster Alito is a good example of the problems with the sort of pragmatic, a-ideological coalition Kos recommends. Everything in the Democratic party has been reduced to electability. And it is disgusting. Disgusting. A loud, defiant, fiery, populist surrender is bullshit. If you’re gonna lose. Lose with some dignity, with your wounds in your chest and not in your back. I have no use for angry retreat. But that’s all I see on the horizon for this Democratic Party, and Kos-Armstrong, have the prescription for more.

...Why bother having Democrats in the Senate at all? I’m about ready to join the side of the Foolish Owl’s and ditch these simpering bores and their counsell’s of surrender on anything that matters, for the sake of preserving the ever-shrinking representation of an increasingly irrelevant minority party.
Media Girl:
I cannot help but feel that the Democratic Party no longer represents me, or the things I consider important. The fix seems to be in: push the Democratic Party ever rightward, towards social conservatism.
Morgaine Swann:
I am thoroughly sick of the Democratic Party. They're zombies. They have no sense of urgency, no fight, no fire, no sense of timing or outrage and no idea of how to work a strategy. The only position they've taken in five years is to grab their ankles.


... They have until January 24th to decide if I remain a Democrat or not. If they don't filibuster the vote on Sam Alito's nomination, I go to the Green Party and I take as many of my sisters as I can with me.

We've begged. We've threatened. Now, it's time to walk.
Madman in the Marketplace:
So how does it feel lefties? Once again, you've taken that leap of faith, hoped for the best, only to have your hopes dashed ...

It's time to walk away. It's time to realize that your paranoia was justified. It's time to understand that sometimes patriots have to look far down the road.

The Democratic Party is dead to progressivism ... quit being suckered. Not another dime, not another millimeter of boot leather ... the national Democratic Party is dead to you, whether you care about feminism or civil rights or labor or health care or the environment ... it doesn't matter. Support local leaders. Support national candidates who support your values, but not another penny, not another mile, not another phone call or pixel for the national Party...

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