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Making a statement

Hopefully, it's not supposed to be a fashion statement.

I heard about this story in the Washington Times from Ruchira Paul.
This week in New Jersey, a male high school senior won the right to wear a skirt to school. The Associated Press reported that Michael Coviello's skirt fight began when he was barred from wearing shorts. His school district prohibits shorts from Oct. 1 to April 15. But it seemed reasonable to Coviello that since girls could sport skirts and show their legs then boys should be allowed the same privileges.

So Coviello began wearing skirts -- including a kilt -- until he was sent home by his principal.

The American Civil Liberties Union intervened and brokered a compromise. School officials in Hasbrouck Heights did not budge on the shorts ban, but they agreed to allow Coviello his skirts.
And now, burly guys can wear the same clothes as women can.

Wait ... is that a good thing?

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