Dada is the sun, Dada is the egg. Dada is the Police of the Police.



Angelica caught me; I have to list "five weird things about me." This is going to be kind of difficult, because frankly I'm pretty goddamned normal. But here goes.

1. I own seasons 1 through 4 of Little House on the Prairie on DVD.

2. I think my cat is smarter than I am. (No remarks from the peanut gallery; he's smarter than you, too.)

3. I was expelled from pre-school.

4. I have a fairly detailed plan worked out regarding what I am going to do if I ever end up in prison, even though there is absolutely no reason why I ever would end up in prison.

5. Some of my family members and I have a running joke about the centrality of feces in contemporary art.

Now, to pass this along, I choose:

1. Matt at Cerulean Blue.
2. Grace at Scriptoids.
3. Socialist Swine.
4. Joe at Unreal City.
5. Jonah Goldberg.

Comply or else.

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