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Memo to liberal blogosphere: remove head from ass

Mike the Mad Biologist has written a must-read post, and you know I don't use that term ('must-read') very often at all:
There's been a lot of talk about how the progressive netroots is left twisting in the wind. Why do the establishment Democrats ignore our pearls of wisdom, and our genius solons? Here's why: they have no incentive whatsoever to do so–and it's not simply that the netroots aren't like the rest of America. Why would the Democratic establishment do this to the loyal netroots?

Because we have the attention span of gnats, and are unwilling to punish Democrats. First, the attention span. Remember when Kos boldly pronounced that the netroots were going to boldly take back the party? 'Everyone' was raring to go, and then... nothing. Instead, we got a love affair with Rahm Emanuel's conservative and anti-abortion Democrats, even though our base is disproportionately pro-choice women

In other words, many of the 'A-list bloggers' punked themselves. Well done. That showed 'em: when the hammer came down, we did exactly what the Democratic establishment wanted.
Seriously, read the whole damn thing.

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