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Our Achilles' heel: we're not fascists

Malkin approvingly excerpts some other wingnut making an argument which, Auguste points out, amounts to a lamentation of the fact that the will of the people is permitted to dictate the behavior of their leaders:
While the Iranian regime was still taking its baby-steps, we revealed to the Ayatollahs our greatest weakness: upsetting the American public is our Achilles heel. Two years later, Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorists twice bombed US interests in Lebanon, exploiting that weakness. Again, the American public cried foul, and once again America conceded, removing the Marine presence from Beruit.

And now America's squeaky-wheel, our domestic anti-war movement, has emboldened Iran to repeat its successes of the past two and half decades ... Iran's ruling elite has learned that a few dead Marines on CNN is all that it takes for the likes of Michael Moore and Code Pink to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of anti-war onto the American political scene. The self-doubt that Moore and his ilk sow in America is Tehran's 5th column, so why shouldn't the Mullahs support terrorists in Iraq if chaos there weakens American resolve to open a front in Iran?

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