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Sago Mining Disaster 2006: Don't blame Bush

That's one of those intentionally misleading headlines, because actually I think liberals should blame Bush - but not just Bush. Right-winger bloggers are on the lookout for liberals suffering from 'Bush Derangement Syndrome' and blaming Bush for the deaths of the twelve miners, but actually they should be happy if Bush does take most of the blame for this, because the incident is actually an indictment of the conservative ideology itself, not just a single politician.

The thing is, the Sago mine was a repeat offender with regard to safety violations, and while it's not yet known why this disaster happened, it's clear the mine shouldn't even have been open. But such is life in the GOP's America. Part and parcel of the Republican Party's agenda is a resistance to any serious regulation of business, including regulation designed to protect the safety of workers. Industries are asked to police themselves, or given meaningless fines when their officials should instead be facing jail time.

Republicans (and their 'New Democrat' accomplices) scold progressives for practicing 'class warfare' whenever these unpleasant facts are brought up. Our response ought to be: yes, there's a class war going on all right, but it's being waged by big business and their cronies in government against the 'common' people. That's the lesson to take from this tragedy.

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