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A trip down memory lane

Brad Delong celebrates Martin Luther King Day by pulling out some old National Review editorials about the Supreme Court "unsettling the basis of Southern society" by ordering the University of Alabama to admit blacks.

Notice a pattern here? Injustice occurs. Progressives protest. Conservatives demean and dismiss progressives. Fifty years pass. Everybody now agrees that the progressives were right. Conservatives insist they never thought otherwise.

There's the occasional 'iconoclast', though, who insists that the progressives were wrong all along - Malkin defending internment, Coulter defending McCarthyism.

So what I want to know is: who's going to be the brave conservative that takes on Martin Luther King's legacy? Who's going to have the balls to renew the argument that the Federal Government was acting the tyrant by enforcing the 14th Amendment (which the National Review considered 'null and void')?

I know there's some worthy wingnut out there who won't let me down.

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