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Contract of Wifely Expectations

Dum Pendebat Filius links to a story on the Smoking Gun about a psychotic husband whose attempts to control his wife included a four-page contract dictating, in excruciating detail, exactly what he expected from her - a "Contract of Wifely Expectations," as he titled it. A few excerpts (headings, humorous misspellings, and awkward phrasing sic):
Hygiene & Self-care

You will shave every third day, which includes underarms, chest, legs, and public area (navel to anus), all areas are to be completely clean shaven. Above your vaginal slit you may have a patch of pubic hair in any shape, that must be centered above your vaginal slit, it will measure no greater than 2.0" X 1.0", and will maintain a hair lenth of less 1/3".

Clothes & Other Apparel

You will wear only thigh-highs & garters, and only thong panties. The only exception would be during your menstrual cycle, at which time you could wear either or both. Half of your shoe purchases will be high-heels, 2" or more. You will then wear these high heels more often. ...You be able to keep 5 pairs of non-thong panties of your choice for use during menstrual cycle.

Sleepwear & Sleeping

When we are at home ... you will be naked within 20 minutes of the kids being in bed, and then sleep naked, unless instructed otherwise. If I am not home when the kids go to bed you are still to be naked before I return home. The only exception will be during your menstrual cycle.

...When we are in bed together I can cuddle, spoon, hold or touch you in any way, as long as it does not excessively disruptive to your sleep.


When we are at home ... from when you are to be naked until 12:00 am, or for three hours, which ever is later, will be My-Time. This time you will devout solely to me, whereas you will be in my service to do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING I want, which may or may not be sexual in manner.

... During My-Time you WILL NOT:

1. Argue about anything with me or to me
2. Complain about anything to me, or about me
3. Cry, sob, whine, or pout
4. Sigh, moan, sulk, or otherwise show displeasure or unhappiness
5. Raise your voice at or to me
6. Be condescending to, or about me
7. Ask for anything from me or for me
8. Be distracted from me, by other things

During My-Time, you WILL:

1. Be subservient, submissive, and totally obedient
2. To do what you are asked, when you are asked, exactly how you are asked
3. Be cheerful and adoring towards me
4. Be close at all times, unless otherwise told to
5. Perform any and all sexual acts, excluding anal penetration and/or ingestion of cum, when told to

Good Behavior

Since there will be no trading, negotiations, or concilliations of any kind you are given chances to earn Good Behavior Days (GBD's). To receive GBD's you are to be totally compliant with everything requested or expected of you, and perform everything with complete and total enthusiasm. GBD's will be given when you do things from the descriptions below when not expected...

Each GBD can be used to "get out of" doing the things request or expected of you for an entire day with the following exceptions: birthdays anniversary, shaving, and sleepwear ... GBD's can be redeemed anytime after you received them to the end of the next quarter. You must notify me by 12:00 pm of the day you are using a GBD or it can not be used.


Fellatio, Intercourse, and Other Sex Acts

Fellatio must last, at least, 5 min. and may include climax. Intercourse includes anal and vaginal intercourse. Sex acts can be oral, anal or vaginal, and include but are not limited too: stripping, hand-jobs, fingering, masturbation, dildoing, vibrators, and object insertions. All applications of lube to myself, you, or any object, will be done by you.


You are to pose for 20 photos per quarter on demand ... Outfits, toys, and poses will ALWAYS be chosen by me. You must be freshly shaven on the day that photos are taken regardless of your shaving schedule...

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