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Michelle, dear...

I appeared tonight on Fox News Channel's Hannity and Colmes for an all-too-brief segment on the Muhammad Cartoons. Before I drove to the Washington, D.C., studio, I stopped by a Kinko's store, printed out the cartoons, and pasted them onto a piece of poster board. I then used my short time on the airwaves to do what no one wants to do on American TV:

I tried to show viewers all 12 cartoons to give viewers the full context of the Jyllands-Posten's decision to publish the artwork.

...Unfortunately, as I tried to walk through the content of the cartoons, the camera cut from my display to video of the Islamists' crazed, violent protests. As if we hadn't seen enough of that already.
On the front page of Malkin's blog, as of this writing, there are seventeen pictures of Muslims protesting.

And thus Malkin retains her title as the least self-aware human being on the planet.

... and then there's this:
If only the Islamists would start emulating more of the West's methods of peaceful, non-violent protest.
Michelle Malkin extolling the virtues of non-violence ...

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