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No big loss

I'm really sorry for beating a dead horse, but I couldn't help but notice this editorial by Paul Hackett in the Philadelphia Inquirer, which Amanda aptly refers to as more of Hackett's "ceaseless whining." Basically, it's more of the same, with another accusation that Brown was behind an "ugly whisper campaign regarding my service in Iraq."

Shortly after Hackett's departure - his voluntary, self-imposed departure - one blogger responded: "I just have one thing to say right now: Sherrod Brown better win this." Well, every time he opens his mouth, Paul Hackett is making that more difficult. I'll be very surprised if his accusations against Brown don't end up being recycled by the GOP in the general election campaign.

Incidentally, for those concerned that we lost a true progressive in Hackett, I'd like to draw your attention to a sentence from Hackett's editorial about his congressional run:
With the special election, we began to believe our party could return to brighter days by returning to our roots: limited government, fiscal responsibility, strong national defense, and fair trade.
With the exception of fair trade, those are all right-wing talking points, and are basically stand-ins for, respectively: tax cuts, "entitlement" cuts, and a sky-high military budget. Thanks, but no thanks.

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