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The National Guard has decided to honor Bush's "service" by unveiling a bust of the president as a young man.

Grace says: "Sure to be available soon from NewsMax as a tacky, made-in-China paperweight."

UPDATE: If you look very closely, you'll notice that the pedestal reads:

George W. Bush

President of the United States


...thus the National Guard is allowing for one of two possibilities: (1) Bush's presidency continues past 2009, when the 22nd Amendment would seem to dictate it should end; or (2) Bush's presidency will end before 2009, a possibility which itself can be divided into at least four sub-possibilities - viz., (2a) Bush gets assassinated; (2b) Bush becomes incapacitated and is unable to execute his duties (though one might wonder whether possibility 2b has already come to fruition, ha ha ha); (2c) Bush gets impeached and removed from office; or (2d) Bush resigns in disgrace.

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