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Seriously ...

I'm going through my bloglines subscriptions, and almost every single blogger has a post up about Cheney trying to shoot a bird and instead shooting a guy in the face. Why? I suppose because it's pretty damn funny. (Matt thinks it's funny, too.) And you know those annoying people who have to be the first to tell everybody when something noteworthy happens? Every blogger.

An AMERICAblogger wonders why we didn't hear about this until 24 hours after it happened, speculating that the White House was waiting to see if the victim was going to live or not.

Neil Shakespeare has the best headline: "Cheney's Got a Gun."

...Grace says: "You'd think that being personally responsible for starting an obscenely unnecessary war, the deaths of more than 2000 American military, the deaths of tens of thousands Iraqis, and the crippling and maiming of tens of thousands more Americans and Iraqis would be more than enough bloodsport for one man. But not Cheney. He just had to lock and load one more time. And as usual, it was an unfair fight. "

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