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Swallow that right-wing propaganda

Ezra Klein, using tasteless language, considering the context, bashes Cindy Sheehan:
Sometimes, the left decides shooting itself in the foot would be to trite and instead aims a shotgun blast at its head. Today's trigger happy hunter: Cindy Sheehan.

Her crime? Meeting with the New Hitler (as declared by Don Rumsfeld), Hugo Chavez.

Brad Plumer:
Oh god, no. Hanging out with our newest boogeyman in Latin American. What will Cindy Sheehan stoop to next?

...our friend Scott adds:
The horror (horror!) at the fact that Sheehan might somehow cause the Democratic party to appear sympathetic to just causes is... pretty funny, actually.

God forbid you should actually challenge the fascist propaganda machine by speaking the truth; no, you would rather just step timidly through your enemy's mine field, each expolosion making you more twitchy and frantic. Don't worry, comrades, you're almost out, if you can only belly-crawl over that next hill! Hahaha.

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