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This is getting nasty

Have you ever seen a primary campaign get so vicious, especially considering it never really began?
Paul Hackett is blaming his former Democratic Senate primary opponent, Rep. Sherrod Brown, for spreading a "whisper campaign" of rumors accusing him of war crimes in Iraq.

In an interview Monday on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, the Iraq veteran, who quit the Senate race last week, went further than he has in the past. "The word came to me from many Democratic chairs in the state of Ohio that my primary opponent was spreading rumors about my service in Iraq.''

Asked by Matthews about rumors that photos exist showing he mishandled body parts in Iraq, Hackett called the rumors "preposterous."

"I have heard those stories and they're absolutely preposterous. I invite anybody who wants to make those allegations to come onto your show. I'll meet them here.''

Hackett repeatedly said he was told Brown's campaign was the source of the rumors. "I do believe it came from his campaign,'' said Hackett.

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