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To the extreme

I followed a link from the Corner to an WaPo online chat with early-'90s music legend Vanilla Ice. Now, I know it's wrong to kick someone when he's down, and it's even worse to kick someone when he's Vanilla Ice, but this was too good to let pass. Asked, "What are you currently up to?," the Vanilla one responded:
I've been really busy, playing over 100 shows per year for the past year. Just got back from Russia and played huge stadiums over there -- 35,000 people a show. They're out of that iron claw thing now, so any American act that plays there is really huge.

... someone also asked this question:
How did the name "Vanilla Ice" originate? Why is the name so focused on your whiteness? Was it a toss-up between "Vanilla Ice" and "Marshmallow Ghost?"

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