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Dear Wingnuts: would you like some cheese with that WHINE??? Ha ha ha.

"Mrs. King's funeral just had it's [sic] political moment ... even with the president in attendence. What is it about the culture of funerals?" -Kathryn Jean Lopez

"Jimmy Carter is making a political speech at the funeral, rather than a eulogy. Jimmy Carter is a disgrace to this country ... I'm not sure what I was watching today... a funeral for Coretta Scott King, or a Bush-bashing festival. I'm reminded of Paul Wellstone's funeral... disgraceful." -Blogs for Bush

"I suppose after having watched the Paul Wellstone funeral here in Minnesota four years ago, I shouldn't be shocked by Democrats turning bipartisan shows of respect at memorial services into partisan sniping. President Bush and his family had to endure the bad taste of several speakers who used Coretta Scott King's funeral as a forum to snipe at his politics." -Captain Ed

"The problem with today's Democrats is that they try to invest the naked hunger for power with the dignity of the civil rights movement, a dignity that they no longer possess because it was based on a self-discipline that they no longer possess." -Instadouche.

"The Democrats just can't restrain themselves. Absolutely ungodly." -The godly Michelle Malkin

...and the best response, from a reader of AMERICAblog:

"Why couldn't the service just be nice? Why did they have to bring up the ENTIRE POINT OF HER AND HER HUSBAND'S LIVES, STRUGGLES AND DREAMS?"

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