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The funniest thing you'll read today

This is from "The Anchoress," who is nostalgic for the "Will to Power" days of 2005 ... or something like that.

Does anyone remember April and May of 2005? And the months preceeding them? The Orange Revolution? The Arab Springtime? The Cedar Revolution of Lebanon - all of them seeming to have a fire lit under them, a wonderful fire of liberty. Remember Revolution Babes?

All around the globe, there was a spirit of something that felt a lot like the Will to Power - something that was building in momentum…like we were on the brink of something truly remarkable and historic and new.

Then, suddenly - poof! - it all stopped? It all just seemed to go away. It was like a big giant foot just came down and stomped out all of those wonderful fires…and the White House seems to have just…blink! Forgotten about it.

...The momentum has stopped. Everything has come to a screeching halt. Is there something he’s not telling us?

It’s very troubling. Worrying ... there is this strange and sudden silencing of movement. I do not get it.six months ago, the world was dancing toward democracy and freedom - in places where only a few years ago the idea seemed improbable - and in short order the dancing has stopped, the photos are a dim memory, and it all seems like something that happened a long, long time ago.

So, last night, I wrote to a very smart, very knowledgeable guy who, if I told you his name, you’d be like, “you DO NOT correspond with him!” And I’d be like, “uh-huh, I do!” And you’d be like, “Get out!” And I wrote to this exceedingly brilliant man, of whom I am very respectful: “explain this to me, please, because you are very smart and because I don’t get it. What happened? How did we move from such a sense of promise - just six months ago - to this sort of dreary, stagnant, nuthin’ is goin’ anywhere sort of torpor? Where is the energy, where is the juice, what has happened?”

His answer: “I don’t know. I don’t like it, either.”

Well. If that’s the case, we’re really in trouble. I mean, I routinely don’t know what is going on, but I’m nobody and I’m not especially smart. If this guy also doesn’t get it…Well!

This is what I have noticed about George W. Bush: He plays his cards close to the vest and he loves to make the other side feel that first flush of victory. He’s a little cruel that way. He loves to allow the opposition to become overconfident and shrill and a little mad, he loves to make them think, “we’ve GOT him,” and then throw down a Royal Flush. And he always comes back from his August vacation with a surprise, with something unexpected. He’s done it every year.

No, don’t ask me to remember what each September has brought. I can barely remember what I made for supper last night…but I know that every September has begun with some sort of Bushian surprise or new idea or initiative - I know it because I’ve noticed it. I may not be brilliant, but I am very observant.

...I hope I see something, come September. I really hope so. I’m not minimizing the enormous accomplishment that is the Iraqi constitution - I’m really not. But I’m gettin’ antsy, Mr. President. Gettin’ antsy.

...I’ve got folks on the right castigating me for not fully supporting the president (hello - I DO - I just am wondering about this sailboat that seems to have lost its wind), or for not understanding he is tired. (Of course he is tired. But he’s got miles to go before he can sleep!)

...So let me be plain. I LOVE President George W. Bush. On my desk here I have a W doll that plays all sorts of goofy Bushian malapropisms, and I have his aviator doll, too. I pray for him, for our nation and our troops (and yes, for Cindy Sheehan and her fans, too) every single day…but I must admit I pray MORE for W than for the rest. I know he is only human. I know he’s probably dog-tired and weary in heart and in spirit ... But I’m thinking of another man who was, in his youth, no one’s idea of a leader, and who was slow-of-tongue and had an enormous amount of stuff put on his plate…and he didn’t get to see the promised land. I’d like to see Bush get there. All I am saying is…I really hope September brings some renewal of momentum. It’s important. And yes, I DO think it’s a good idea to send encouraging emails to President Bush. I used to do it myself quite a lot, until I began to wonder if the SS would think me a stalker! :-)

Yes, I do believe she just compared George W. Bush to Moses.

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