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"Galileo was wrong"

Which he was, of course, about a lot of things - but geocentrism was not one of them.
The Earth is at the center of Robert Sungenis' universe. Literally.

Yours too, he says.

Sungenis is a geocentrist. He contends the sun orbits the Earth instead of vice versa. He says physics and the Bible show that the vastness of space revolves around us; that we're at the center of everything, on a planet that does not rotate.

He has just completed a 1,000-page tome, "Galileo Was Wrong," the first in a pair of books he hopes will persuade readers to "give Scripture its due place, and show that science is not all it's cracked up to be."

Geocentrism is a less-known cousin of the intelligent design, or anti-evolution, movement. Both question society's trust in science, instead using religion to explain how we got here - and, in geocentrism's case, just where "here" is.

...There's also no proof that the Earth rotates, he said....And in the absence of proof, the Bible has answers.

"If you see the Earth as just a humdrum planet among stars circling in a vast universe, then we're not significant, we're just part of a crowd," Sungenis said. "But if you believe everything revolves around Earth, it gives another picture - of purpose, a meaning of life."

...He came to rethink the work of Nicolaus Copernicus, the 15th-century Polish astronomer who advanced heliocentrism over the Ptolemaic, or Earth-centered, system.

"Einstein told us there is no center, that any point in the universe can serve as the center," Sungenis said. "If that's the case, Einstein has undermined Copernicus. You can't prove either one."

...There are no statistics on numbers of geocentrists. Sungenis said he thinks it's "definitely growing, both nationally and internationally."

Marshall Hall is one. He's been researching it since 1980, and posted his Web site,, in 1997.

Hall realizes it's a tough sell.

"Normally the reaction is, 'You've got to be crazy,"' he said from his home in Cornelia, Ga.

So sometimes he uses this illustration story:

You want to travel from Washington, D.C., to San Francisco. If the Earth is turning, why not just hover in a helicopter? Wait a few hours above the East Coast and eventually the West Coast will be underneath you.
I especially like the helicopter bit, and the fact that the guy totally contradicts his OWN THEORY by claiming that Einstein proved that there was no center of the universe.

And no, this isn't really any more ridiculous than "Intelligent Design."

Link (via the Corner).

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