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Republicans for Pointless Suffering

From the Times:
WHEN Frank and Anita’s daughter Chanou was born with an extremely rare, incurable illness in August 2000, they knew that her life would be short and battled against the odds to make it happy.

They struggled around the clock against their baby’s pain. “We tried all sorts of things,” said Anita, a 37-year-old local government worker. “She cried all the time. Every time I touched her it hurt.”

Chanou was suffering from a metabolic disorder that had resulted in abnormal bone development. Doctors gave her no more than 30 months to live. “We felt terrible watching her suffer,” said Anita at their home near Amsterdam. “We felt we were letting her down.”

Frank and Anita began to believe that their daughter would be better off dead. “She kept throwing up milk that was fed through a tube in her nose,” said Anita. “She seemed to be saying, ‘Mummy, I don’t want to live any more. Let me go’.”

Eventually, doctors agreed to help the baby die at seven months.
Wingnuts, secure in their conviction that their sky buddy doesn't want them to kill innocent white babies, are of course demanding that such children be forced to live out their short, painful lives.

One of Mark Noonan's commenters asks: "What kind of sick fuck wants an infant to suffer an entire short lifetime in pain?" Sick fucks like Mark Noonan, I guess.

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