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Libertarians for fascism

Beautiful post by Scott Lemieux today (HT: Pandagon) on 'libertarians' who continue to support one of the most blatantly authoritarian regimes in recent US history:
It is, of course, not surprising to see the bullshit-libertarian blogopshere taking a dive for Bush's illegal searches ... the fact that alleged libertarians who are enthusiastic supporters of Sam Alito despite their (less than nominal) support of abortion rights and civil liberties are rolling over again isn't exactly news, but a couple points should be emphasized.

The first is that the legal question here is unambiguous. Several conservative hacks have tried to use a distortion of FISA to argue otherwise, but the statute clearly forbids what Bush has openly admitted to having done. And then, of course, there's the Fourth Amendment, which is also clearly violated by these warrantless searches. King of the fake libertarians Glenn Reynolds tries to dance around the latter question, with distinctly unpersuasive results...

The second point that's worth making here is that there is also no remotely credible national security justification for these plainly illegal searches ... if there is any reason to believe that terrorist communications (as opposed to, say, domestic political opponents) are being monitored obtaining a warrant is about as hard as finding wineries in the Napa Valley. Other than than to simply assert his arbitrary wartime power, there's no good reason for this illegal policy.

And this is what's so chilling about Bush's defenders, which is a common feature of wartime violations of civil liberties: their fundamentally authoritarian mindset.
Whole thing is here.

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