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Our Franchise

From Factesque:

In an act of the purest optimism I am going to start the official count of blogs participating in the first post-Alito blogswarm.  This one happens to be about a little thing I like to call Our Franchise, how we've lost it and how we're going to get it back.  

So far the following blogs have thrown their full support behind the Fitzpatrick Amendment and the Coalition for Voting Integrity, which proposed the legislation to the Congressman.  The bill will move the HAVA deadline past the 2006 primaries.   It's a very small step but it establishes precedent and it will allow some counties who are struggling to do the right thing (get a voter-verified paper ballot) some extra time to see if they can do it.  

The conventional wisdom around Blogland is that the Democrats have got to "start winning elections" if they want to have any influence on the direction the nation takes.  And this is true.  But all the clever strategy and appealing candidates won't mean shit if there's no guarantee of a fair vote.

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